Custom Breeding Program

Contact us for a consultation to breed and raise "the horse of your dreams."


We offer some of our mares each year for clients to produce a custom foal. Some through off-farm breeding leases, some through embryo transfer, and some through on-farm breeding leases.


The fee for our services which include managing the breeding process from start to finish, monitoring the mare's health, foaling the mare, and raising and handling the foal until weaning, is $2500. Client pays for veterinary and stallion fees, and pays a very reasonable board fee for the mare for the duration of the pregnancy, beginning when mare has been confirmed in foal for 35 days. At this time, the board is $275/month until 90 days prior to foaling, then increases to $375/month until the foal is weaned.


We request that the foal remains on the farm until at least age 2, so that it may be raised with its dam, and in the company of other mares and foals. In this way, your foal is raised with the "wisdom of the herd" as well as given the best we have to offer in human handling. We offer reasonable training rates after age 2.