A Different Path


Welcome to Kindred Spirits Farm!

We are not a traditional boarding and training facility. We have chosen a different path. We are a private training facility, focused on equine education that teaches clients the art of communication with their horse on the ground and in the saddle, based upon an authentic relationship with their equine partners. Whether your goals are to ride at the upper levels of sport, or just to spend time with your horse for pleasure or trail riding, we offer a unique approach to training horses and riders helping them establish a healthy balance between boundaries and connection.


Our Guiding Principles:
We believe that building relationships based on authenticity, and developing and exercising emotional agility are highly effective guiding principles for training both horses and riders.


We treat each horse and each horse-rider partnership as unique and give them the respect and consideration they deserve as we help them develop new skills and work to reach their goals.


We believe every horse deserves an owner dedicated to providing it with the best environment of care to encourage radiant health - in mind, body, and spirit, allowing for a balanced flow of energy within a natural herd dynamic.


We also believe every horse owner is best served by a horse that is a good match for them in both athletic ability and temperament, and we strive to help create those matches, and from there we help them develop a relationship based on trust, to optimize their level of success together.


Inspired by the work of Linda Kohanov, founder of Epona Equestrian Services, LLC, and gifted trainers like Mark Rashid, Buck Brannaman and many others in the world of Natural Horsemanship, farm owner Toni Petersen, together with her business partner Sarah Matlock of Cornerstone Equine Services, offer individual and small group lessons and workshops. We teach our clients “The Way of the Horse ” by exploring the dynamics and potential of the horse-human bond, and learning about how forming that bond can help humans become more effective with their approach to riding and training horses. In addition to our workshops, we offer a quality lesson program in English and Western riding, and we occasionally offer a few high quality sport horses and young prospects for sale.