I. Foals and Young Horse Training

“From the Ground Up”Raising Program


We develop young horses correctly and carefully with our “From the Ground Up” program, based upon building a foundation of trust.


If you have bred a custom foal with us, or brought a young horse to us for care, your young horse will grow up with lots of space to exercise at will, and with the emotional benefit of being raised by the herd. We introduce training principles at a pace each horse is comfortable with, until your horse is ready to select its career. The fundamentals of our approach are based upon first building a relationship with your horse, then teaching exercises that build upon one another and are never repetitive or boring for the horse. In time, the horse will choose its discipline, and we ask clients to be open to this process.


How do we let the horse decide? We spend a lot of time building the horse-human relationship, so that we can observe and intuitively sense, as horses do, when the horse is comfortable with the work as directed, or when the horse does not like the work. Our workshops teach this approach. For example, regardless of breeding, some horses love to jump, some don't. Some are gifted in the classical art of dressage, and love to "dance" - but some "dressage horses" would rather jump, and are quite good at it. Somehorses are "speed" horses, and enjoy the challenges of eventing. Some naturally move in a rhythmic gait characteristic of a hunter or equitation horse. If you watch carefully the horse's reactions to what is asked of it in a training session, you will know and you will sense what is best.


We have developed our raising program around the principles taught at Epona Equestrian Services, LLC. Authenticity, Relationship, using Emotion as Information. We also apply principles of Natural Horsemanship in our work with horses - sensing and feeling while acting/interacting with our horses.
Our breeding stock is versatile athletically and of high quality, representing some of the finest bloodlines in the Hanoverian and Holsteiner worlds. Most of our mares can produce horses for any discipline, such as jumping, eventing, hunters or dressage. We believe that if the horse is allowed to "choose" its discipline, that this ability to choose is fundamentally the best way to give the horse its best chance to perform athletically to its fullest potential.


We are also happy to raise your young horse, or help you with a "problem horse". We strongly encourage adopting horses when you have the means to do so, and will help you evaluate a prospective horse to help you make a good choice.


Please contact Toni at 970-846-8591 or Sarah at 970-372-9826 with questions, or for more information.

II. Rehabilitation -
Minor Sports Injuries, Performance and Behavior Optimization

Sports Rehabilitation: For cold compression therapy, minor lameness problems requiring a scheduled rehabilitation program, and post hospital and wound care, horses can stay on site at our farm in a stall with daily care administered by our staff as directed by your vet. Equine Massage services may be elected as part of the rehabilitative services we provide. Rates for Rehab Services are dependent on the level of care that is necessary. Stall board for this service is $16 per day.


For more information, contact Toni at 970-846-8591 or Sarah at 970-372-9826.


Equine Touch and T-Touch: Through the innovative field of Equine Touch and T-Touch Therapy, founded by Linda Tellington-Jones, we offer clients another means to improve the lives of their Equine Partners through Balance, Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit, and improvement of Physical Comfort - all benefits of ET and TTouch. For Equine Touch Therapy we currently refer clients to practitioner Raian Kaiser for this service. Raian willingly travels to conduct clinics, (miniumum of 4 participants, up to 12) and travels locally to clients own barns to teach horse owners how to use ET for their own horses. She teaches all levels of TTouch and TTeam training, and will be offering clinics at our facility periodically as well.


For more information contact Raian directly at 970-203-0725


Equine Massage: For Equine Massage Therapy with Essential Oils we refer clients to Rebecca Burns. Rebecca delivers superior hands on care to your horse on site at our farm or yours.


For more information contact Rebecca directly at 970-213-5527

III. "Difficult" Horses
Colt Starting and Performance Optimization

Colt Starting and Young Horse training is one of Sarah's specialties. She is patient and kind, yet appropriately firm in her approach. She has an outstanding ability to sense what each horse needs based on her highly intuitive approach. Sarah will help you work with your horse, to improve upon or develop your own techniques, or she will do the training for you, always working together with you to set realistic, achievable and measurable goals.


For more information contact Sarah Matlock at 970-372-9826