Name: djakarta


Born: 1997

Sire: diamont

Dam Sire: Prinz Gaylord

Grand Dam Sire: Pincio

Djakarta was sired by the legendary dressage sire, Diamont. Her damsire is the Grand Prix showjumper, Prinz Gaylord. Djakarta was bred by Volker and Judy Ehlers, of Glenwood Farms, in California, highly influential and successful importers and breeders of warmbloods in the 70s and 80s. Djakarta is approved for Oldenburg or Hanoverian breeding, so stallions to match Djakarta may be selected from either breed registry to produce a registered foal. Djakarta’s offspring are notable for their calm and intelligent temperaments, and are honest and straightforward to work with. They learn quickly, and make wonderful amateur owner horses.


Djakarta should be matched to a stallion larger than 16hh, unless a smaller horse is desired. She tends to pass on refinement and size from the stallion, and often adds the substance and topline of Diamont. Her offspring are athletic, elegant horses with lovely, floating movement and beautiful heads. They are gentle spirited, very rideable, and eager to please. They have correct jumping style, from Prinz Gaylord’s influence, thus are suitable for dressage or hunter disciplines.


We have bred Djakarta to Escudo II (Escapade), and Pablito (Prospero), with excellent results, and this year she is in foal to Contucci. We would recommend any of theses stallions, and many others as good combinations with Djakarta.



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